The New Health Care Front Door

About Us


My name is Vinodh Subramanian, the founder of The New Healthcare Front Door Incubator. 

I’m a researcher, author & startup entrepreneur with a passion to build, scale, and grow products that solve real problems for real people using technology, innovation & systems thinking. 

Graduated in May 2019 with a Masters in Engineering Management from the University of Arizona, I was awarded as the “Student Innovator Of The Year”for 2020 for my research works on eliminating the various system and human inefficiencies that result in no shows which is a $150 Billion problem in the healthcare industry. .

As part of my research work, I have developed a system to help private practices reduce no shows using systems thinking principles focussed on eliminating the various inefficiencies that prevent patients from receiving the care they need from their providers. 

At the “The New Healthcare Front Door Incubator”,  I work with private dental practices and help them eliminate the various system and human inefficiencies by installing systems and software for the practices so they can quickly reduce no shows, increase case acceptance and double their production in under 12 months. 

If you have any questions, or require more information, you can reach out to me here. 

-Vinodh Subramanian